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 ~'U. Vs {D}

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PostSubject: ~'U. Vs {D}   ~'U. Vs {D} Icon_minitimeSat Nov 07, 2009 7:43 pm

2nd Clan War
Date: 11/7/09
Server: Untitled's CTF
Game: 4 vs 4, First to 3 matches won
~'U. Team: ~'U.Camaro, ~'U.Windrider, ~'U.Cobra, ~'U.Adobe
{D} Team: {D}Obsi, {D}Zelos, {D}Giby, {D}sexybeast
Results: 1. ~'U. 2. {D} 3. ~'U. 4.~'U.
~'U. Team wins
Clan War Win/Lose Ratio: 2-0
Clan War Win Percentage: 100%
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~'U. Vs {D}
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