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PostSubject: strategies   strategies Icon_minitimeSat Nov 21, 2009 3:00 pm

lets see, well i think u all know armagetron as good as i do but maybe you didn't notice jet: when you attack there are 2 kinds of defenders
1. the agressive defender: if an defender is playing agressive you should attack with 2 or more attackers from different sites of the defense, or if you are allone just look, wich way round the enemy defs and attack the other way round so if the enemy tries to dump you just turn to the center, normaly the walls should have opened for you happy sometimes the defender now tries to def you, try to get out of there as fast as you can or def untill you find a hole Rolling Eyes
2. the defensive defender: this one takes much time just stay close to him and only attack 1 side, def will normaly not get agressive but for safety reasons attack other way round strategies 486469
inner def changes to agressive more often than outer.
Sometimes an agressive defender follows you. thats, when someone else in your team defs the enemys flag (may sound unfair but defenders should not only follow their emocions.

If you defend, there are also several kind of attackers.
1. the scared attacker: tries to wait untill you die just wait and use his walls for def and attacker helps you def strategies 90252 noone else can attack you as long as someone like that attacks because tk is not friendly...
2. the close one...: attacks close to your def, doublebinding all the time. he is normaly proud of his double binds and you can easyly lock him with his doublebinds untill: Oo , Booooom
3. the holer: attacks only when you got a hole, he attacks fast so first of all: if possible close hole, if its too far from you, make sure that the flag gets defed (even if only an realy small def is possible) when you get there 2 latemake sure you stay in def and the holer should get shut in def 2 (whenever you notice, someone is about to hole because he speeds up and stays close to your def, make a small def andeven if he gets in, it could be possible he doesn't get out (doublebind around flag)

If you fight aiganst someone 1 on 1, it should stay 1 on 1 because you never know what your partner would do, if someone can do it better let him/her do and aim for something else like respawning

I hope this helps you, if you want to share your experiences, tell me, maybe i can develop strategies...
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