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 The Days of TR2N Badge parties

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The Days of TR2N Badge parties Empty
PostSubject: The Days of TR2N Badge parties   The Days of TR2N Badge parties Icon_minitimeSun Jul 11, 2010 4:13 pm

I represent for you a new wave of TR2N hosted games Cheesy

It is an everyday hosted games at 5 pm EST and 12 pm EST (The time can be manually changed by match hoster).
All who participate get a badge, winners get a VIP badge and an overall super badge for the one that wins the most of games in different matches every month.

This requires hosters for each match.
If a person is going to organise a match in few days (to be a hoster of it) he must say about it to "TR2N Badge parties" admins and the name of match and time of match will be put into shedule and on the calendar and also information of a match will appear at the web site and a banner will be created to make it easier to advertise in forum so on.
The hoster will need to keep track of who participated, who won each match and then give this information to "TR2N Badge parties" admins to put the badges in. Hoster will not have to suppose that spreading advertisement would pick up enough players for his match, but try to find players for his match himself too.

If you are a hoster, keep in a mind that you are responsible for saving scores and sending it to admins in order to players could get their badges.

Hoster (and maybe his sub) can get enough access levels for moderating their matches.

In some situations if there is no a server where you want to host a match it is not a problem to up one you need (euro or usa one).

If you have an ideas or you want to host some games. you can say it to Destiny in TR2N forums or here to me.

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The Days of TR2N Badge parties
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